Elsie Lee

About Me

I'm currently a lab manager at the Visual Thinking Lab with Steve Franconeri at Northwestern University. My research interests are data visualization, human computer interaction, and decision making.

I have a dual B.A. in Psychology and Information Technology & Informatics from Rutgers University. I worked with Eileen Kowler as a research assistant studying data visualizaion, and decision making.



What are word clouds used for, and what is a better way to design a word cloud? In collaboration with Dr. Marti Hearst

Confirmation Bias

How do different types of data visualization affect the influence of Confirmation Bias? In collaboration with Cindy Xiong.

Human Computer Interaction

Technology is useful - how can it help us make more sustainable decisions?


I'm organizing the science demos and demo volunteers for the Science Cocktail Party, the Illinois Science Council's annual fundraiser.

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